So, you started scuba diving less than 10 years ago, and have been having the time of your life ever since. You have visited all the hot dive sites, and you have dropped on all of the best reefs. Your scuba diving equipment has served you very well…maybe too well. That 5 or 8 or 10yr old gear has shown you such a good time it is starting to look dingy and need more frequent maintenance. Fear not! It is not as hard as you think to give that used gear a new home, giving you cash for the shiny new stuff.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of options for recycling that pre-owned stuff. It isn’t that difficulty really. I know, I know. You look at all the gear piled in the garage or basement and think recycling is going to be a time consuming pain in your back side. But believe me, it’s going, going, gone on your first option: 1) Give that still-good gear to Goodwill. Sometimes they will come get it at your door. That’s right, they take it away. And, you will get a percentage back on your taxes if you itemize and claim the deduction. Someone who can’t afford the pristine newly minted gear will appreciate your generosity. Don’t forget to get the Goodwill associate to sign & date your itemized list of donations, you want the tax-man happy with your decision too! Find a Goodwill near you at http://www.goodwill.org/locator/.

If you aren’t close to a Goodwill, this next suggestion will help out: 2) List your wares on your local Craig’s List. You can find your local site at https://www.craigslist.org/about/sites If you have never used “CL” don’t be intimidated. It is easy to get started, and easy to keep the listings going. You have the option to sell the whole bundle as a “lot” for one overall price, or you can piece everything out and sell it individually. There are pluses and minuses to both strategies, better saved for the next blog. In any case, you will have to be willing to let folks find you by phone or email. And, you will need to venture out of your home, or let folks come to your home, to do the deal. In the end, you can control the price and the sale, and the cash is great.

Another option for unloading that gear is: 3) Get on Google.com and find a local dive shop that will pay you to take your gear off your hands. You might not make as much money as the CL option, but you can likely get it all unloaded at one time. How to negotiate with the dive shop for the best price is a subject to be covered soon.

This next option is probably your best bet: 4) find a local diver who makes a living (or part of a living) buying and selling used scuba diving equipment. This is not as hard as you may think. Many times your local dive shop can point you towards someone reputable. Often times there are ads online…”sell used scuba gear, Sacramento, CA” would be a great Google search phrase. Here in Oregon I go to http://www.blueorbdiving.com/ for help. They will even give you a free estimate on each piece or the lot, by email. They can be very accurate if you have a photo to email them, blueorbsales@gmail.com. If you see someone posting many ads on CL over a course of time, you can contact them and ask if the buy and sell or just sell.

Our last quick option is a little more time consuming on your end, and may produce limited results: 5) Post your sale on your favorite social media site. You can often find a dive club to join, or find free ad pages on there. Obviously, your success is wholly dependent on word of mouth and how many Friends or Likes you can get.

Hopefully, this short blog has been a snippet of helpful information for you. There are many options to quickly and easily pass that great pre-owned scuba diving equipment on to its new home, netting you a little something for your wallet in the process.

Good luck.

Authored by:  Lisa J Henry    

“Be the sea”.